An Intensive Life-changing Experience of Healing Sound!

The yoga of sound Workshop is a practical approach towards the effect of music on the human psyche. The workshop also explores the Indian music, new age music and musical cosmologies of the ancient world. Music Therapy or Nada Yoga Workshop works on the three dimensions of our life.

  • Dimensions of the body
  • Dimensions of the mind
  • Dimensions of the consciousness

The Objective

This workshop will focus on how Nada Yoga is an effective way of healing and bringing about transformation of our whole life.

How can the yoga of sound assist in healing and human transformation?

The yoga of sound has almost unlimited abilities to bring about transformation and healing. Sound has multidimensional effect on the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

How does music and sound heal mind, body and spirit?

The physical body can be healed by changing the frequency of the affected areas through sound yoga techniques. The techniques involves sending light energy through vocal sounds or harmonics directing with the intent of healing. This is done using chakra sounds or chanting resonating with the good feeling generated through pure awareness. We are unique in our essence. The transformative work starts with shifting our frequencies with total awareness. That is the secret of transformative experience and healing.

The Workshop Tools

The workshop makes use of the esoteric music, vocals , chants , and the power of words (mantras).

The Themes of the Workshop

The following practical sessions are imparted during the workshop.

  • The mystical connection between the body and music
  • The mystery of sound to awaken the dormant energies
  • The dance of the brain hemispheres
  • Music and learning
  • Music and the control of emotions
  • Music and the art of creating oneself
  • Music and supra-conscious mind

The Benefits of the Yoga of Sound

  • Learn the instant healing techniques.
  • You can manifest what you want with “The Sonic Law of Attraction”.
  • Learn to balance, align and heal your chakras and subtle bodies with voice and chanting.
  • Overcome blocks, illnesses and challenges through sounding your true inner voice.
  • Experience the joy, inner peace and deep states of consciousness.