Our Team

Nelson Diaz

Nelson Diaz, a pioneer in human potential movement, internationally renowned trainer, scholar and a   teacher of the psychology of possible evolution is the founder and director of Rheoversity. Over the years, his methods have evolved to higher dimensions and Nelson currently draws inspiration from the esoteric teachings of George Gurdjieff as he finds these teaching relevant to the present day context.


Dr. Mohamed Hedi Al-Mtiri

Dr. Mohamed is an internationally renowned consultant, motivational Master trainer and is an executive coach and Healer as well as a developer and designer of Holistic training and healing programmes. Mohamed specializes in using the most powerful developmental psychologies to enable people to realize their individual potential.


Sarina Stone

Visiting Faculty

Ms. Stone teaches simple lifestyle changes to enhance or improve physical and mental well being. Subjects include, but are not limited to: Effects of the mind on the body, Techniques for Balancing Emotions, Transforming Stress in to Vitality, Abdominal Massage for detoxification and energizing organs, Importance of Healthy Digestion, Healing Power of a Smile, Smiling Meditation for Children, Breast Cancer Prevention, Seminal Retention for Longevity.


Emma Tyson

Healing Therapist
Emma Tyson is a holistic healer, yoga therapist and mastered the art of healing from various disciplines of Vibratory Medicine. Now she became qualified and registered with the British Register of Complementary Medicine as a Healer / Counselor and Massage Therapist and is a Senior Practitioner and is recognized as a Yoga Teacher / Therapist, Dance and Movement Therapist and Crystal Healing Therapist and Teacher. She is also Full Healer Member and Teacher of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.


Shyama Menon

Sacred Dances Trainer

Syama Menon has imbibed Gurdjieffian movements so instantly into her consciousness by simply watching them .However she pursued and got trained under two maters, Amiyo Devienne and Jeevan Sunder in Paris, and Greece over years .Both of her masters are the descendants of John G Bennett, a direct disciple of GI Gurdjieff. An avowed Gurdjieffian dancer she performs with precision, artistic flavor and dedication .She leads workshops on sacred dances to the aspirants who wishes to balance and harmonize the basic energy centers head, heart and belly.



Guest Faculty
Scout and guide in the world of energy and natural health. Anagrafe Tiziana Dainotto. The other name is sacred Absa Owaci Waste Win: Crow woman dancing in the language of the Lakota. My life is to share the practices and disciplines for the awakening of consciousness. My goal today is to make it capture the essence and ensure that they become part of everyday life that is holy and should be lived with passion, consistency and fullness. I met great people in life who have taught me.