Hologenic creation is a path of transformation. The basic principle of HCT is that consciousness is the ground of our being. Consciousness or pure awareness can change your being in a dramatic way. This is done through the basic principle of quantum science which states that consciousness is involved in every act of observation. That means we can communicate at the quantum level and create your own reality. There are infinite possibilities of self change when consciousness is involved.

Matter only appears to be solid Matter can be broken-down ultimately molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. At the deepest level the subatomic particles exist as either waves or particles. When not observed the micro particles exist as clouds or waves. Only when they are observed the waves appear to be particles. The subatomic particles are actually bundles of vibrating energy. These moving particles carry information. The hologenic energy creation works with energy, information and consciousness.

The self change happens when you observe what you really wish to create with total awareness (consciousness) and relax into void.

At the core of hologenic creation Gurdjieffian cosmological idea of three forces are at play, the active force of what you observe in the quantum state, the resistance force being what hinders and the neutralizing force (Pure awareness) that brings the two forces into harmony. Then he manifestation of your deepest desire happens as a physical reality.

This means hologenic creation technology helps you to observe in a new way thereby changing your past traumas emotional imbalances, setbacks into a blissful state.

How does it happen?

This is based on the understanding that Consciousness or pure awareness has the power to collapse your old pattern into new desirable one, thereby experiencing the change instantaneously when you apply hologenic awareness in the micro level.

Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when hologenic creation technology is applied. What seems to be happening is that the data and information rearranges themselves into harmonious order. Ultimately total awareness and joyful feeling creates miraculous changes in your body whenever you apply the technique.

This is done with the knowledge of ancient wisdom and the incredible discoveries made by quantum science in fourth dimension.

The ultimate transformation happens when you apply the law of three from the ancient teachings blending with the subtle science of quantum physics.

This is what is hologenic creation technology in a nutshell.