Discover the amazing potential of holographic brain

The latest scientific studies have revealed extraordinary findings about human brain .The brain is much more flexible and adoptable than previously thought. In fact brain has the capacity to evolve with out any limitation.  The rewiring process falls under neuro plasticity in neuro science. The recent findings of holographic brain indicate the memories are not necessarily stored in specific centers of the brain. It is in every part of the cells in the body.  Astonishingly the works of Rupert Sheldrake shows that all our memories of skills and talents are stored in the Morphic fields as well. We can learn faster through Morphic Resonance.

Our studies show that no matter the challenging circumstances – whether ADHD, dyslexia or any other learning disabilities- it makes no difference when it comes to brains potential. The capacity of higher levels of intelligence is the same.

Transbraining is a rapid learning technology based on quantum science, Morphic Resonance, depth psychology and the research works on the holographic brain blended with the wisdom Upanidhads and ancient Vedic knowledge.

This program is for school students, advanced learners and professionals who are seeking for developing instant learning techniques.

How it is done?

Transbraining is based on the crucial research that higher intelligence is not necessarily something you are born with or genetically predisposed. Higher intelligence can be acquired through whole brain training and using latest technology of enhancing the power of holographic brain.

This is done with holographic instant learning techniques, Morphic Resonance and using Vedic techniques of sound meditation (nada yoga) and photo reading techniques.

The benefits

Now Learn any subject faster than ever with fantastic memory, ease, precision and in a relaxed, playful state of mind.

You can develop any talent, art, music and instant learning through connecting with the Morphic field and tuning your brain with any thing you want to learn faster and reproduce any time you want.

Who can attend?

Transbraining technology is meant for students of all ages, advanced learners professionals and those who are interested to discover the latent potential of the brain.

The basic program is designed for the groups as well as individuals. The basic training class takes place in 14 hours (two days of workshop sessions for groups or hourly basis for individuals.