Who is Nelson?

Nelson Diaz is probably one of the rarest personal coache and guide who has transformed the lives of many people with his immense knowledge of human psychology added to his vast experience of the different life-transforming techniques; be it personal, or professional. This has earned him the trust and respect of hundreds of people who have been transformed during his workshop sessions and have had the persistence to the right thinking, right feeling, and right action; something that has taken him over two scores years to achieve.

Nelson Diaz - TheFounder of Rheoversity

Inner biography

Traversing through all the possible avenues that life has given humankind, Diaz has journeyed his way not only through those of the mystic, but also of the materialist. His visionary experience from time to time, spurred by his inward journey into his own psyche has culminated in what we see today: Nelson Diaz, the life coach. Thus his strength as a guide stems from his inner, coupled with the demands of the world. In other words, he has been successful in bringing out the best in each individual’s inner as well as outer world. Himself a classic example of his teachings, Diaz has braved his bodily atrophies through his own techniques, thus and succeeding in overcoming his physical limitations.

What he does today

Involved in conducting workshops, Diaz’s present focus is on the individual growth in all fields: education, profession, career-building, relationships, and the like. While boosting brain power is one of his main targets, he also takes care of helping his clients in accessing the depths of their minds, helping them to bring out the best in them, thus unraveling their own skills, talents and possibilities that would otherwise have been buried in their own depths, unseen and unheard.

Vision of life

In a world that is becoming more and more competitive, Diaz’s vision is to bring out the hidden treasure of individuals, enabling them to rise successfully, rather than participating in a rat-race. If the opportunity is given to any individual, s/he can be successful, but who is going to give the opportunity? The answer lies not in the other, but in oneself. If one has the potential, it is up to her/him to tap her/his own possibilities. The question then is “how?” Diaz believes in the balance of one’s inner and outer world. One does not need to sacrifice one for the other. If man has been created to live in the world, s/he has the right to live it to the fullest. The power that one derives from his inner will help her/him to achieve what s/he needs in the outer world. Thus success is ascertained!

Target program

Timeless Mind and The Field of Infinite Intelligence and  going  beyond Your Body and Mind  are the latest themes of his workshops. His target iin  these workshops is to travel into the depths of the mind,  and connecting with the Field and infinite possibilities of life and thereby  choosing altogether  a different life line .

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone who is earnest in a change  and lead an exalted life is welcome to attend his workshop sessions. Depending on the need of the individual/group, the workshops are tailor-made to suit anyone, whether it is an individual or a corporate organization. Workshops are designed for students, professionals and corporates, according to their needs.

Features of the workshop

Diaz has made an innovation in bringing the methodology from Quantum Science and   the esoteric teachings of of ancient Masters  turnig it into a new dimension of living for the modern man. His passion is to integrate the esoteric teachings of Mystery schools , upanishads, and Vedas with the modern scientific exploration into the Quantum world of holographic reality.

Message to the world

In essence all matter including human bodies  are composed of consciousness, energy and information. The  wrong information we have stored in our body is the main culprit for our illnesses miseries  and emotional problems. This is what creates our present  unexamed situation of being what we are rather than what we are destined to be. The energy and  information has to be transformed; the urgency is in changing this information to the desired information in every cell of the body. Then, only then, a change is possible. This done, nothing can stop us from realizing our dream!