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Nelson Diaz

Founder of Rheoversity

Nelson Diaz


Rheoversity is a research training institute which aims at studying the psychology of highly evolved humans. The study center has been designed and shaped by Mr. Nelson Diaz as a result of three decades of expertise in working with professionals, teachers, students and a wide range of people from different parts of the world. The institute offers courses based on the study of the esoteric psychology and the study of cosmic intelligence and the healing techniques from ancient and modern alternative sources.

The Rheoversity study programs are exclusively based on the psychology of highly evolved beings from an esoteric viewpoint. Dedicated to the teachings of the great masters of the esoteric traditions, the study begins with the teachings of Osho- G.I. Gurdjieff as the basic guidelines for experimental studies on the possible evolution of human kind. The results of such studies on the great masters inspired the founder director to develop a new psychology for the modern man – the Meta psychology. The methodology of the training programs has been developed from the study of Meta psychology.

The institute encourages the search of the possible evolution within one’s own being. The approach of Meta psychology is a total deviation from all traditional and modern psychological methods. The objective is to transform an ordinary being into an evolved being.