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Rheoversity - A Way of Excellence

Rheoversity is a research training institute which aims at studying the psychology of highly evolved humans. The study centre has been designed and shaped by Mr. Nelson Diaz as a result of two decades of studying experimental esoteric science. The institute encourages the search for the possible evolution within one’s own being.

The institute encourages the search for the possible evolution within one’s own being. The approach of Rheoversity Psychology is a total deviation from all traditional and modern psychological methods. The objective is to transform an ordinary being into an evolved being.


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Our Programs

Quantum Yoga of Sound

The yoga of sound workshop is a practical approach towards the effect of music on the human psyche. The workshop also explores the musical cosmologies of the ancient world.

Hologenic Creation

Hologenic creation technology is the art and science encountering your real being. Your authentic being reveals your true nature and instantly all your problems dissolve.


Transbraining is a   rapid learning technology based on quantum science, Morphic Resonance, depth psychology and the research works on the holographic brain.

Enneagram of Time Travelling

A Journey into self that would change you, your past and your future.  Time is a dimension that is happening all at once. This program explores into the powerful tool of enneagram.


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Our Founder

Nelson Diaz

Nelson Diaz

Founder of Rheoversity

Nelson Diaz, a pioneer in human potential movement, internationally renowned trainer, scholar and a   teacher of the psychology of possible evolution is the founder and director of Rheoversity.

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